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Meet The Owners


Hamilton Rae is comprised of married couple, Royce and Christina Smith and the kick butt HR team.  They work hard to fulfill their passion of helping others by beautifying their spaces.  "We both want the project to be perfect.  We argue a lot about how to accomplish that but in the end, our trust for each other and our talents grows stronger, because everything turns out so well."

Christina has been an interior designer for 26 years, specializing in kitchen and bath design.  She has owned a design firm, was a corporate design trainer, and an area manager for an interior design manufacturer.  She understands the design business from all aspects and has a sincere appreciation and love for the industry.  Christina has a strong passion for improving the environments of her clients and helping them transition to their next home or office with her no frills, no fuss approach. The foundation of her success is her ability to truly listen to her client and respect their desires, ideas, and budget. 

Royce is a Nashville native (Please call him a pretty unicorn).  His career as a service technician manager for a home appliance service company, as well as his many years in management, have gifted him with outstanding customer service, installation, project management and issue resolution skills.  His "Do it right the first time." and "Always do the right thing." approach has gained him much respect within the home improvement industry as well as with his customers.  

Royce and Christina are very "down to Earth" people.  They have six children, two grandchildren, sixteen chickens and two dogs.  "We eat on paper plates most nights because, well...who wants to do all those dishes after working so much everyday!  But, we are bougie like  wicker plate holders, real glasses and cutlery!"  

Hamilton Rae owners Royce and Christina Smith